Our S tory
His Hers

My world forever changed the day God put Taryn in my heart.


Throughout our childhood, Taryn and I spent every one of our Sunday mornings attending the East Alton Church. One  particular day back in 2008, I was daydreaming while staring at the carpet in the Sr. High room. During the adventure film playing in my mind, an intermission came. One that would last a lifetime. It was a voice. As a master daydreamer, I could tune anyone out, not this one though. Soon I was fading away from my dream, as I looked at the reality before me. It was her. Never had I felt that way about someone, and never would I feel that way for someone else. I was hooked on her. No matter how much I fought it, she would forever be my future. She was…is my reality. It wasn't long before I stopped fighting and I started falling.


That day was the starting point for our journey. Since then, I have learned how incredibly beautiful the person Taryn is and how truly lucky I am that she loves me back.

It is hard to pinpoint an exact moment of when Nate and I really met. We had played on the same soccer team when we were younger and had gone to the same church since birth. I always knew him as the long-haired kid who was always at church with his sister and cousins. I do know that we "officially" met at a church lock-in. Nate thought it would be funny to put me in a nasty cheese pit and not let me out. I got sick the next day, as did he, and from then on I was hooked. After that day Nate was always there making me laugh and messing with me. We were good friends until we officially started dating in Sept. 2011.


Since we went to different schools it felt like every time we got to be together I would fall a little more in love with him. His has this ability to make me laugh harder than anyone else and at times read my mind. I thank God everyday for putting such an amazing loving man in my life. He is my best friend and I can’t wait to start our lives together as husband and wife.



S ave D ate


The Stone Church

Wedding Ceremony:  5:00 pm

At the Stone Church


Saturday, June 25th, 2016


1012 W Lexington Ave, Independence, MO 64050



Wedding Reception:  6:30 pm

At the Roger T Sermon Community


201 N Dodgion St, Independence, MO 64050



The Sermon Center
Hotel Accommodations

Please ask for the Miller / Cochran Wedding reserved rooms

Stoney Creek Hotel & Conference Center


18011 Bass Pro Drive .Independence, MO 640553


T: 816-908-9600 | F: 816-908-9601

Adam’s Mark Hotel & Conference Center


9103 E. 39th St. Kansas City, MO 64133


T: 816.737-0200 | F: 816.737.4745


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